Tuesday, August 4, 2015


I just finally found a link i can share!  I tested it.  An easier way to access the dropbox, thanks to carrie causey!  This link works only for those logged into c3.  Please comment if it doesn't work for you.

I appreciate all of your encouragement, support, advice, and patience!  You are all a huge blessing to me.


This is the last post I will showcase the notebook pages.  I am really excited for the science pages.  My oldest daughter LOVES google.  She LOVES researching things.  I created these science pages for the kids and as I was printing them off to make sure the margins were correct, she was grabbing them out of the printer and wanting to do them right there.  So I let her naturally.  She's going to have a lot of fun with the memory work this year.  On each of the science pages there is an option for researching or learning a bit about our memory work.

The younger children's notebook has an activity-usually tracing or cut/paste for each week.


I wanted to keep the Latin notebook's simple.  The declensions are complicated enough without needing to make complicated activities to go with.  There is a full color chart, and a blank chart.  The older kids will fill in a blank part of the chart each week.  There are some bonus activities for each declension.  
The younger kids will trace the declensions, write the declensions, and cut/paste the chart.  


REMEMBER:  TO find these pages as of right now on cc connected:When you sign in, go to the learning center. Click on forum (it should be next to file sharing), click on foundations/grammar forum. Find the thread that says "NEW link for notebooking dropbox." The link is in there.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Teachers Pay Teachers

Ive been told by quite a few people that I should try to list some things on TPT so that the homeschool mamas who don't have c3 can use some of my work.  I have been doing some research and trying my best to respect the copyright laws and rights of CC's hard work.  I have found that some notebooks can be listed on TPT.  I cannot upload the complete history, timeline or geography notebooks-since the sentences, timeline events, and blackline maps are proprietary and owned by CC.  However, helping verbs, latin declensions, and skip counting are not owned by cc.  I will be sharing these notebooks on TPT so that those of you who will not be able to use cc connected can still use the notebooks.  I believe that memorizing should be fun, and not always drill.  Sometimes a different approach to the same topic will prove dramatically different results.  Activities and "notebooking" are not for every child, just like straight drill is not for every child.  I pray that you search and know your child first before you purchase the notebooks.  I hope you have a very blessed day!

(PS I am going to charge on TPT for the files because my husband asked me to provide some income with the amount of time I spend on my new computer LOL)

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Geography Notebook

I wanted to share with you the geography pages in the notebook.  Once again I will remind you that the pages as of now can be found on the classical conversations connected forum.  Go to "foundations learning center"  then in the middle of the top bar it says "forum" click "foundations/grammar forum".  Then once you are in there, look for the thread that says "NEW Dropbox link for notebooking pages".  There you will find a link for a private dropbox.  I ask that you don't share any files or links found in there, as a lot of those rights are owned by classical conversations.

The geography notebook.  We wanted something a bit more challenging that just cut/paste.  So I added a little drawing to the end of the notebook.  I have 4 different formats in there-tracing, cut/paste, writing, and drawing.  (Editing pics).  Enjoy!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Finearts Notebook!

This notebook is a bit hard to explain without you seeing it for yourself.  There are separate, but similar pages for youngers and olders.  Simple cut/paste tracing and drawing for the youngers that reinforce what they learn each week.  The olders have some research pages and review that should encourage them to learn more about each topic.  Hopefully this notebook will be as fun for your kids as has been for mine!  Fine arts has always been my girls favorite part of CC.

Friday, July 3, 2015


The English notebook is finally complete.  It took me a bit longer than expected.  We've been REALLY busy, our family business is up double from last year, and I've been working a whole lot.  It's been an amazing blessing watching our customer base grow, but it's been a struggle too since we don't have the man power to deal with it.  It just means for us that we have to work harder.  I pray every day for patience because even though working harder and longer might be something we are getting better at, when we get home I have less patience to deal with messes and children.  God is being gracious and helping me through this and He is so good.  The Lord has given me a patient husband and forgiving children who help me to slow down when the sin creeps in.  I am incredibly thankful for this!

Some really great news!!!  I just got a new computer!  The Classical Conversations Facebook community is the most amazing ever.  I am so grateful to all of you!  You have blessed me soo much.  It is a beautiful i7 pp and a bunch of other specs I know nothing about but my husband tells me is awesome.  It works amazing, and I am loving using my new publisher program also.  So thank you so much to all of you who helped me afford this!  There was no way I would be able to continue this passion without it!

Now what you really want to see, the new English notebook.  I am pretty excited about this.  I have 3 kids who will be using the notebook this year, one child who reads decently for a 4 year old but barely writes, one who reads slowly but writes beautifully and loves cutting (she's 5), and one who reads better than I can, writes decently for a 7 year old but loathes cutting.  SO these pages are for them, I wanted to be able to tailor these notebooks to be something they enjoy.  I NEVER want our notebook time to be drudgery.  It is supposed to be fun, engaging, and simple.
These notebook pages have the information, a coloring page, and a simple activity.  Created for my 4 year old.

This is the same as the previous, but a little more challenging- my 5 year old will fill in the blank with the word that fits. 

My 5 year old truly loved the English flip books last year so I wanted her to be able to have a whole year of mini books.
A print option, for those who don't do cursive yet

A section of activity pages for 4-6 year olds.  Lots of cut/paste, some coloring pages, a bit of writing with all primary lines.
Then a whole section of more challenging puzzles for the older children.  There aren't any cut and paste pages, just all activity.

Another example of a more challenging activity for the older ones.  Made for my 7 year old, but good for older kids too. 

I am so glad to be able to share them with you.  They are going to be a lot of fun for my kiddos, and I hope your children enjoy them as much as mine do!

You can find these pages by logging into CC connected, going to the "forum" from the learning center, and clicking on the thread that says "SHERIELLIS NEW DROPBOX LINK"

Unfortunately I cannot share the link with you anymore, as the link to the forum is accessible to anyone without cc connected and it is a private forum.  If you have any questions or comments, encouragement even, you can always email me(aclassicaltomorrow@gmail.com) or PM me on facebook.

Have a blessed weekend!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Notebook UPDATE

I'm excited to share with you a few updates on the "notebook" that you all are waiting for :)

First thing, the dropbox link will be switching.  I've decided to make a new dropbox dedicated to homeschooling files-since my other dropbox is now full and connected to automatic photo upload from my phone.  The new box will be for review games I've made, notebooking files, non-cc related files, etc.  Review games/other files will all be accessible without CC connected and usable at home.  The notebooking link-due to proprietary information owned by CC will still only be accessible through CC Connected.  I have will have the notebook link up and going later today.

Now what I am really excited to tell you is that we have found a way to upload the files to CC connected!  A fellow CCer from the Classical Conversations Facebook page, Tami Thompson is working with me to break up my large files into smaller sections so that we can upload them to CC connected.  They will be available on CC connected July 26th.  The dropbox link will always be available for those who want the larger files, but at least this way those who can't find it or who need smaller files can download it.

The final date for all of the dropbox files will be July 19th, and July 26th for CC uploads.  I appreciate your patience and grace for us figuring this out.    Have a blessed day!  Make sure if you are on Facebook you send Tami Thompson a big thank you because she is a huge help in figuring this out!